Good Morning, Evabody. Let's get to work on this stuff. Like that camping trip, no?

Okay. Liz is gonna post some links of Most Interesting Man in the World videos, so everyone go watch them (at least a couple of them.) I can wait. *do do do doo, tap feet drum fingers*


We have to make a 3-5 page paper, and a 20 minute presentation on the Most Interesting Man in the World, and I think we need to pose and answer some questions. So I'm gonna start a list of questions here, you guys add some and we'll go from there.

Who is the most interesting man in the world?-->Johnathan Goldsmith --> If you go to the Dos Equis website, there is a place where you can get to know the Most Interesting Man in the World. It teaches you about his number two man, his insults from around the world, and it appears to be set in a very formal home library, proving the interesting-ness of this man.
What makes him so interesting?
How do these commercials sell Dos Equis?
Do they make you want to buy Dos Equis?
Liz - tell us about Dos Equis at the bar.
What about parodies of the most interesting man in the world?
How does the voice of the narrator affect the commercials? They are originally radio commercials.
How does the music in the background change it?
What audience does the commericals appeal to?
Is Dos Equis seeking to exclude younger drinkers from their product? (21-30 as opposed to 45-50)
What do these commercials allude to?
Would a more "famous" actor change the affect of the commercial?
i.e Ricardo Montalban, Sean Connery, William Shatner
MMITW vs Chuck Norris - similarities?--One liners, making the MIMITW seem like he SHOULD be respected.
How would changing the label to "20th Century" (the meaning of the double x) from "XX" change the success of the beer?

Overall question: How does a company create a person from scratch and make him so influential that people want to drink the same beer as him just to be like him?

SOMETHING NEW!!!!!!!!!!11oneoneone
Here is the beer advertising code. There are all sorts of rules over how you can advertise beer. Why is this particular campaign so good? Why does it work so well?

Brent Terraza's Blog- This guy has some pretty good insight about the commericials and the actor on the commercial (Goldsmith)

Best Beer Salesman This talks about the actual sales increase in Dos Equis since the MIMITW appeared on the scene.

Here is a Google result for the company that imports the beer, Cervesas Mexicanas. Note the first result is Dos Equis. Can we find out more about this company?

MIMITW QUOTES both offical from the ads and user submitted.